Sports Cast - 03/22/17

March 22, 2017125 min

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, BudKnocker's Nightmare Baby Shower, March Madness, Sweet 16 Picks ATS, And More.

SEGMENT II: Why Hasn't Anyone Signed Jay Cutler or Colin Kaepernick, NFL Free Agency Winners, Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey Found In Mexico, and More.

SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, Ski Jump World Record, Insanely Huge Chicken, Shaq Believes the Earth is Flat, Mexican Bullfighter Gored in the Ass, WTF News And More

SEGMENT IV: Wheel Of Fortune Mishap, Soccer Player Thanks Both HIs Wife And Girlfriend, You Got Knocked The Fuck Out, NBA Stars Sitting Out Games Is Killing The NBA, and More.

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