Sports Cast - 11/16/16

November 16, 2016133 min

Segment I: Election 2016, angry people on social media, Knocker actually agrees with Stephen A. Smith, Will Romo ever play again for the Cowboys, Josh's 'Poop Vac Mower', NFL Headlines & Injuries, Richard Sherman Is A Dirty Player, and More.

Segment II: NFL Picks Week 10

Segment III: Shot/Shit of the Week, Raiders Punter Is Our New Favorite Player, Steph Curry Sets 3-Point Record, Drunk of the Week, Cubs World Series Head Tattoo, NFL Picks Week 10 (cont.), and More.

Segment IV: Rene and Josh Rap Battle, What Is More Entertaining the NFL or College Football, Knocker and Cam's College Football Rants/Picks

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