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7 Health Benefits Of Beer

February 3, 20149 min
Why you should make some room in your fridge for a 6-pack.Beer lovers, rejoice! Recent has shown that drinking beer has surprising health benefits. YES, you read correctly. Doctors will say during your check ups that drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health, but wine has usually been the go to beverage.Here's a secret, did you know that wine and beer contain the same amount of antioxidants?This doesn't mean that you should be pounding beers back like you're back in college, but one to two beers certainly wouldn't hurt.According to the USDA, who conducted over 50 different studies found that beer that is consumed moderately, it saves 26,000 lives per year due to lowered disease risk.If you haven't already, go to your fridge, crack a cold one and do a little dance for the beer in your life.What other benefits does beer have that supports a healthy life?Nutrition consultant Karen Ansel, MS, RD discusses why beer is good for your health.Some Beer Benefits:

Heart Smart
Light Beers Won't ruin your diet
Kidney Health
Contains Fiber
Essential B Vitamins
Promotes bone health
Boosts Brain Health

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