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Are You a Social Alcoholic?

February 10, 20149 min
You say you don't have a problem because you only drink at social gatherings...Is that just an excuse?Social alcoholic, or the social drinker is known as a low-risk drinker. You may not think that you have a problem and start to become defensive when your friends or family begin to ask you questions on your drinking habits.You're just a social drinker, and there's nothing to worry about. What does that even mean?Of course you can go to a party and have a few drinks while being social, however are you having the same symptoms as an alcoholic but just in a social setting? Or are you saying that you're a social drinker to hide your true patterns of alcohol abuse?A social drinker should be able to stop drinking without having any cravings, without wanting to suppress your emotions, or without feeling like you have to sneak around to get a drink.Addictionologist, Dr. Thomas Wright, MD explains the differences between a social drinker and an alcoholic and the signs to look out for if you or someone you know is a social alcoholic.

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