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Avoiding Fats? Why You Need Fat to be Healthy

June 30, 20149 min
It has been drilled into your heads fat is the enemy and that cutting fat is the key to losing weight. Is this true?All your life you have been told fats are bad for you, only lead to weight gain and cause unwanted health issues. Books, dieticians and doctors have said fats are your enemy and the only way to lose and maintain a healthy weight is to cut them out completely.On the contrary, fats have been part of the food pyramid and known as one of the building blocks to your health for years. When fat was labeled as something to avoid, you might have steered away from certain types of foods.Diets started to emerge focusing on limiting your fat intake and fat-free and low-fat foods began appearing in grocery stores.However, recent findings are showing you not only need fats in your diet, but they are necessary in keeping your weight consistent.A Journal of the American Medical Association study recently revealed that a "low fat" diet showed the greatest drop in energy expenditure and increased insulin resistance – which is a precursor to diabetes – compared with a low carbohydrate and low glycaemic index (GI) diet.Medical Director of Northwestern Wellness Center, Larry Kaskel, MD joins Melanie Cole, MS to discuss the reasons why fat has been deemed evil, why we actually need fat in our diets and ways to implement fat into your diet.

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