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Beyond Sex: Becoming Emotionally Intimate with Your Partner

February 3, 20149 min
Why your emotions are just as important as sex in your relationship.You thought that it would never happen to your relationship. You two shared an intense passion for one another, and could barely keep your hands to yourself.The years started to pass, and so did the times that were once spent fogging up windows and multiple sweat sessions. You're having sex less often that you ever imagined.Whether it's from feeling exhausted from both of you and your partner's demanding jobs, your children, or if your man suffers from EDYou're feeling less connected to your partner than ever.Is there another way?Michael Russer was diagnosed with prostate cancer and unfortunately, from the cancer and the treatment, he was left completely impotent. Through this however, Russer found the number one reason that couples drift. It's not necessarily just due to lack of desire, but also the result of a lack of emotional intimacy.Russer, author and motivational speaker, shares how becoming more emotionally intimate with your partner will help grow your relationship.

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