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Coffee & Caffeine: How To Cut Back

March 3, 20149 min
Did you know that coffee in America is a $30 billion industry and that Americans drink an estimated 400 million cups a day?You've grown found of having a few cups of coffee in the morning before work, a cup or two at work and before you know it by the end of the day your head is pounding and your hands are shaking.Is this a sign you need to cut back?There's no denying the powerful benefits of what coffee can do for your health. However, when you're constantly craving and wondering when you're next caffeine dose will be, you might have a problem.The hardest thing you have to answer is why you need to drink coffee or energy drinks. Are you turning to your cup of coffee to get you going in the morning and skipping your balanced breakfast? Or did you not get enough sleep and need a quick wake up?Whether the answer may be, if you are relying on caffeine to get you through your day, you might to find other alternatives.Try substituting your 16 oz. heavy cream, light sugar drink for a meal balanced of carbs, protein and fiber like oatmeal to give you a more healthier boost.Registered Dietitian, spokesperson and media personality, Keri Gans, MS, RD joins Melanie Cole, MS on why caffeine in moderation is great for your health, what are some signs that you need to cut back and some alternatives to kick your caffeine habit.

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