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Do’s & Don'ts of a Breakup

February 3, 20149 min
Should you or shouldn't you obsessively stalk your recent ex-flame on Facebook? Probably not.Breakups can be hard, especially when you thought things were going great. Even though it sounds like a good idea at the time to throw things at your recent flame's head out of rage, obsessively stalk your ex's Facebook, or call and randomly hang up, it's not.Not only are you holding onto all the upsetting emotions of the breakup that can cause even more stress and damage to your health, you're also not allowing yourself a chance to heal and move onIt's also not uncommon that since this huge change in your life just happened, you are impulsively thinking of ways to change everything else in your life: the way you look, quitting your job or just moving to a different city/state to start over.Wanting to do these things is just a quick fix to mentally erase what just happened. However, it doesn't mean that some of these things aren't a bad idea.Licensed psychologist, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, PhD shares the most important dos and don'ts of a breakup, and ways that you can stay sane post love status.

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