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Freezing Temperatures: How To Keep Your Dog Warm

January 27, 20143 min
Precautions to take to ensure your four-footed family members stay safe during harsh winter months.In the dog days of winter, challenges can emerge when you're trying to take care of your dog.If your face feels tingly, your hands have gone numb and your body frozen from the bone chilling wind, can you imagine how your companion feels?Just like it can for you and your family, tolerating the cold can vary for dogs based on their breed, coat thickness, and activity level and body fat storage.You wouldn't want to spend hours locked outside of your home when below zero temperatures set in, so why would you let your dog?There are ways to make those daily walks and exercise trips more comfortable, not only for you but for your dog as well.Founder and Director of Family Paws Parent Education Jennifer Shryock, CDBC shares crucial information to keep your dog safe and warm this winter.

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