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GlassesOff: An App to Improve Your Vision

April 14, 20149 min
An iPhone app will make your reading glasses a thing of the past.Have you been depending on glasses in order to read, watch and see? You know the frustration of losing glasses, not being able to read dinner menus or your favorite book. The only option that has been available for your aging eyes is Lasik surgery.What if there was a way to change your vision so you wouldn't need to use reading glasses or go through surgery?GlassesOff, is a personalized product that monitors user performance and progress to constantly adjust your eyes. It's important to understand how vision works, as the quality of and image captured and the ability to process that image in your brain can be very different from your friends, family and strangers.Until now, doctors and scientists have been focusing on just the eyes and the not brain, where your visual cortex is in charge of imaging through your eyes.How long until you see results from using this app?CEO of GlassesOff, Nimrod Madar joins Melanie Cole, MS to discuss the development of the revolutionary app that can improve and change your vision.

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