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How To Orgasm Every Time You Have Sex

March 10, 20149 min
You know the Big O feels great, but you aren't always getting it. Are there ways to increase the chances during intercourse?It's no surprise that orgasms make sex amazing, but what if you can't climax every time you and your partner are intimate? You're not alone. According to several survey's, roughly only 25 percent of women always climax with their partner.Wishful thinking?The female orgasm is much more complex than males. Many women aren't getting the right stimulation during intercourse because majority of the positions are not focusing on the right areas.By placing a pillow underneath your pelvis during the missionary position helps reach the g-spot, an erogenous zone located inside your vagina.Making sure you're in the right state of mind is crucial to helping you reach an orgasm. If you focus on what you and your partner are doing during foreplay, each kiss and touch will increase your chances of climaxing during intercourse.What are some other ways to reach an orgasm every time you and your partner have sex?Sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD explains why an orgasms are tricky and ways you and your partner can achieve an orgasm every single time you have sex.

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