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Is Rebound Sex a Way To Move On?

February 17, 20149 min
After a breakup you might think the quickest way to get over someone is to sleep with someone else, but is that healthy?You and your long-term partner just broke up, leaving you devastated, vulnerable and wanting to get over it as soon as possible.What about rebound sex?Before hitting the sheets with some random stranger, think of why you are really having rebound sex. Is it a way of revenge, to make your ex jealous or do you need a self-esteem boost?If you need a self-esteem boost, rebound sex might be a way to make yourself feel attractive again, to make you feel desirable and wanted and to erase the memory of your ex.In the long-run, do random hookups help you move on faster to possibly finding your next relationship?Founder and Editor of The Psychology of Human Sexuality, Justin Lehmiller, PhD shares why rebound sex can be beneficial but can also be a huge mistake.

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