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Peak Winter Produce to Stock in Your Kitchen

January 13, 20149 min
Produce specifically meant for the harsh winter months to help you stay on track with healthy eating.Oh, the weather outside is frightful but don't worry, your produce can still remain delightful. Favorite spring and summer fruits like strawberries and raspberries are farther from your reach as they continue rising in price.This however does not give you an excuse to head to the bakery, chips or ice cream aisle and completely drop your positive attitude on maintaining a healthy diet during the dark days of winter.Knowing which veggies and fruits are available during the cold months is crucial. For example, one fruit that gets overlooked are pears. Loaded with vitamin C and fiber, this fruit can spice up your morning oatmeal, your sad looking salad and can be eaten as a dessert when paired with cheese, or (in moderation of course) dark chocolate.Internationally renowned registered dietitian, Ashley Koff, RD lists delicious produce available during the winter months.

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