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Tilapia Worse For You Than Bacon?

December 16, 20139 min
The source of where you're getting your fish from may determine how healthy it is for you.You've heard that by increasing your fish intake and decreasing the amount of bacon you throw in your frying pan could help increase your overall health. That thought almost seems too obvious. However, depending on the source of where you get your fish raises some interesting questions.The most common farm raised fish are tilapia, salmon, carp, catfish, sea bass and cod. Tilapia is the most popular, known as the "aquatic chicken" because of how accessible and inexpensive they are.New findings comparing wild caught fish to farm raised fish show that fish might not be such a healthy alternative to your favorite breakfast side.Why are farm raised fish not a healthy source for you to buy and eat from?Dr. Josh Axe discusses why tilapia may in fact be worse for you than bacon and some other alternatives when choosing fish.

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