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Batteries and Christmas Gifts | FULL SHOW | #138

December 24, 201542 min
Don't ruin your battery by abusing it this winter! We learn about the stress of weather on batteries and how to combat it. Plus, pick up the perfect holiday gift from and make your gearhead happy this Christmas!
Segment 1: 2015 in Hindsight
2015 has been a great year for Dan 'Boots' Longenette with over 40 car shows attended. Dan gets us prepped for the show and warns us to keep our batteries safe this winter.
Segment 2: Hot and Cold
Any battery expert will tell you, heat kills batteries, but it's the cold that finalizes their death. Optima Batteries' Jim McIlvaine explains why the chemical reaction in extreme temperatures is so hard on batteries.
Segment 3: Winter Battery Care
We take a moment to remember the jet car pioneer and funny car driver, Roger Gustin, rest in peace. Then, Jim McIlvaine tells us what we've been doing wrong with our batteries and how to best care for them through the winter.
Segment 4: Gearhead Gifts
If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for the gearhead in your life this holiday season, we have some ideas for you! Rusty Bell tells us about some of the best deals of the season on
Segment 5: Best Christmas Deals
From the perfect shop flashlight, to an unbeatable price on a 69-pc screwdriver set, to the JEGS Universal Weatherproof Car Cover, has the perfect gifts for this holiday season. Rusty Bell gives us his best recommendations for gearhead presents this holiday season.
Segment 6: Tech, Family, and Classics
Technology is great but there are two things Dan wishes were never invented: Emails and texts. As we close the show we take a perspective look at technology and how it affects the way we interact with people. Don't forget to take your classics out with the family this holiday season!

Chat About Batteries and Christmas Gifts | FULL SHOW | #138

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