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Car Covers and Classic Auctions | FULL SHOW | #140

January 20, 201642 min
Find out why California Car Covers has the perfect, non-scratch protection for your classic car. Then, we chat with Joe Petrailia about Spring and getting back into the car show season.
Segment 1: Go Home, Winter!
It's cold, it's winter, there are no car shows going on in the North East, and Dan Longenette is hating it! Ryan reassures us that now is the time to get even more wrenching in on your custom car!
Segment 2: California Car Covers
Whether you need a custom fitted car cover for your pre-war classics or a general purpose shield for modern day cars, California Car Covers has you covered! Marketing Director, Tony DeFrank, gives us a rundown of their wide array of products.
Segment 3: From SEMA to Dusters
Four days of SEMA isn't enough for Tony Defrank and California Car Covers. Tony gives us his take on SEMA and fills us in on some of their great products, from car covers to dusters.
Segment 4: Volkswagen Bus in Style
Joe Petralia from Rare Performance Motorcars reports in with updates on recent projects. Then, Dan wonders why Volkswagen Buses are making such a huge come back. Joe Petralia sounds off.
Segment 5: Cash Is Suspicious?
Trying to get around with a lot of cash can be a big pain for anyone heading to an auction. We chat airport security troubles, Barrett-Jackson's new event in Mohegan Sun, and Bonhams Auctions with Joe Petralia.
Segment 6: Ryan and Classics
As we look forward to Spring, Dan warns us not to end our lives by getting overly excited to be back on the road in our classics. Plus, will Ryan Baker ever get a classic car? Find out why not, and what kind of classic project Ryan DOES look forward to.

Chat About Car Covers and Classic Auctions | FULL SHOW | #140

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