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Car Talk and American Restoration | FULL SHOW | #143

February 26, 201641 min
We chat with Jalopnik writer, Jason Torchinsky, about wacky cars, the Acura NSX, and the Jason Drives series. Then, Bodie Stroud of American Restoration gives us an update on the show.
Segment 1: Ask About Their Cars
Dan tells the story of how he got an old lady he'd never met to open up to him at his friends car lot by asking her about the first car she's ever owned. As Dan always says, if you run into a grumbly person, ask them about their first car and you'll have a friend for life.
Segment 2: Acura NSX and VW Micro Bus
While the Acura NSX is cool, they lost excitement and gained competition by dragging their feet, says writer, Jason Torchinsky. We chat with Jason about the NSX's $1,200 floor mats, and the resurgence of the Volkswagen Micro Bus.
Segment 3: Jason Drives
Are we spoiled by the high quality of cars these days? We chat with Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky about some weird and wacky car manufacturing decisions of the past, and the next installment of his "Jason Drives" series, featuring some of the strangest cars he can find.
Segment 4: From The Ground Up
Having a TV show isn't American Restoration Host, Bodie Stroud's main goal, he's much more interested in just doing what he loves: creating his metallic art! Bodie chats about his from-the-ground-up builds featuring custom chassis, suspension, and big horsepower.
Segment 5: American Restoration
When people ask Bodie Stroud what his coolest project in the works is, it's hard for him to answer, he's always got multiple awesome projects! Bodie tells us when and where to watch the last 2 episodes of American Restoration, and urges us not to miss the bad ass Mustang finale.
Segment 6: Daytona 500
Was the Daytona 500 boring? Did Danica Patrick ascend to her position too quickly? Dan Longenette and Ryan Baker discuss.

Chat About Car Talk and American Restoration | FULL SHOW | #143

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