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Cars, Zoos, and Buffers | FULL SHOW | #129

October 9, 201543 min
This week on Street Rod and Custom Radio we learn about a classic car show with a wild side and a family appeal, and a car polisher that you couldn't mess up your paint job with if you tried.
Segment 1: Wood Grain Everywhere
As we gear up to chat about Colo's Classic Car Show and Flex North America's car polishers, we ask the important questions. Why did they put wood grain on every station wagon?
Segment 2: Colo's Classic Show
Colo's Classic Car Show will be taking place on October 10th and 11th inside the Columbus Zoo. Tracy Murnane gives us a rundown of the event and some special guests, like Chip Foose, that will be hanging out.
Segment 3: Cars and Animals
Classic cars and street rods are awesome and we love them, but everyone's got one. Tracy Murnane tells us about the new categories for this year Colo's Classic Cars show, and the great causes your $15 for the ticket will support.
Segment 4: Flex Car Polisher
If you want to buffer your car but you're scared of damaging the paint job, you need a Flex XC 3401 car polisher, you can't mess up. Flex North America Inc. Regional Sales Manager, Chris Metcalf, fills us in on the capabilities and ease of use of their car polishers.
Segment 5: Flex Rotary Buffer
After you get some experience with the Flex XC 3401 car polisher and become more comfortable with it, it's time to graduate to the Flex KOMPAKT 3 Rotary Polisher. Flex North America's Chris Metcalf educates us on the special uses of this unit.
Segment 6: Flex at SEMA
SEMA is coming up fast and Flex North America Inc. will be there, detailing a Porche 911. Chris Metcalf lets us know about their SEMA plans, including the reveal of some hot new products!

Chat About Cars, Zoos, and Buffers | FULL SHOW | #129

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