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Custom Cars and Auctions | FULL SHOW | #141

February 1, 201641 min
Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale is going on and we are excited to hear about the amazing cars going across the block. Twin States Rod Shop and Auto Motion Design hold us over as they fill us in on their amazing projects!
Segment 1: Dan's New Look
Dan gets us pumped up to chat with two of the best custom builder shops in the country. Also, find out what's got Dan's beard lookin' fresh.
Segment 2: Corvette Blues and News
Dan recalls the '61 Corvette that Justin and Eli Griffin of Twin States Rod Shop sold at Barrett-Jackson last year. Are they happy they sold it? Justin and Eli wish they had kept it, but have much to look forward to in future projects, including the sister project of the '61 Corvette!
Segment 3: Contrasting Impalas
Justin and Eli fill us in on their two newest projects: a period correct '61 SS409 Impala that has been shipped to them in pieces, and a '62 SS409 Impala with original paint, in perfect condition. Talk about contrast!
Segment 4: SEMA Afterthoughts
People go to SEMA to learn where the industry is headed, but Dan has noticed that the internet is keeping the East coast caught up with the West coast. Auto Motion Design Owner, Chris Tank Turner, chats about his experience at SEMA, and answers the question: Is the after market going to kill classic car values?
Segment 5: Tricked Out Taxi Cab
Did you know Checker sold Marathon's that weren't used as taxi cabs?! Auto Motion Design's Chris Tank Turner tricked one out with a 420 HP 383 Small Block Motor. Chris sounds off on some of the weird problems Marathon's had and gives us a preview of what's next.
Segment 6: Wacky Ideas
Auto Motion Design and Twin States Rod Shop have got Dan all fired up! Dan tells us about his weird project idea for an HHR dragster.

Chat About Custom Cars and Auctions | FULL SHOW | #141

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