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New Directions | FULL SHOW | #142

February 12, 201641 min
First a '69 Camaro and then a EcoBoost Mustang? Find out why Jason Engle is changing up his style, and why it's still awesome. Then, we revisit Mike Barr and his chroming, polishing, and paint advice.
Segment 1: Barrett-Jackson vs. SEMA
If you had to choose, which event would you go to, Barrett-Jackson or SEMA? Dan Longenette says Barrett-Jackson wins for him, you just can't beat the party atmosphere.
Segment 2: Jason Engle's '69 Camaro
Jason Ingle from Classic Recreations is no longer just a Mustang guy! Find out why he and Classic Recreations decided to shock the world and build '69 Camaro, and what they did to it. Also, what's up with matte finish these days, why is it so popular?
Segment 3: High Prices and EcoBoost
Why are cars selling at Barrett-Jackson for such high prices? Jason Engle gives his opinion on this and tells us why he is going green with a Mustang EcoBoost as his next build!
Segment 4: Chrome and Polish
Chroming and polishing isn't just Mike Barr's job at Metal-Brite Polishing, it's been his passion for 42 years. Mike tells us how he got into his line of work and chats with us about the most recent trends.
Segment 5: Triple Chroming
Do you know what the term 'triple chroming' actually means? Mike Barr dispels the myth that triple chroming refers to a process of dipping your desired part three times into a chrome bath.
Segment 6: Fight the Good Fight
Dan loves his car! He has car leather curtains, pictures, shoes, and all sorts of stuff in his room. Also, find out why you should fight the new EPA law that prohibits converting a street car into a race car.

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