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Performance and Restoration | FULL SHOW | #130

October 15, 201542 min
Everybody is getting amped up for the 2015 SEMA Show, and that includes Lingenfelter's Mike Copeland and Classic Recreations' Jason Engle. Get a sneak peek at these two aftermarket goliath's showcases this year at SEMA.
Segment 1: Burnin' Rubber
Before we get started on this week's episode, Dan offers up a word of caution: don't do burn-outs at home! Take it to the track. We trade burn out stories with Ryan Baker.
Segment 2: Lingenfelter at SEMA
SEMA 2015 is just around the corner and Lingenfelter has plenty of new goodies to show off. Vice President of Operations, Mike Copeland, fills us in on their new suspension systems, and pickup truck and car packages that will increase horsepower by leaps and bounds, and much more!
Segment 3: Take It to the Track
So you've souped up your Corvette Z06 with a Lingenfelter performance package and you're on your way to the track, is there anything else you need to do? Mike Copeland informs us that you still need some more components before you can really light that horsepower beast up.
Segment 4: To Dyno or Not
How reliable are dynos for determining the actual horsepower of your car? Apparently, not very, unless you use the same dyno under the same conditions multiple times in a row. Mike Copeland sounds off.
Segment 5: Recreating the Classics
Restoring cars is like golfing, unless you're a true pro you're doing it for fun, not money. Classic Recreations Owner, Jason Engle, fills us in on some of his favorite recreations and the process of restoring a vintage classic car.
Segment 6: '69 Camaro at SEMA
Jason Engle might be most known for his work on Mustangs, but this year he's throwing the SEMA crowd for a loop. Jason tells us about the decked out '69 Camaro he will be showcasing in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show in a couple of weeks.

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