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Preparing for SEMA | FULL SHOW | #133

November 13, 201542 min
Austin Germain joins us as we get ready for SEMA. Get some tips for surviving SEMA, whether you get to go or not. Then, learn about his family's business and his baby: A beautiful '69 Camaro.
Segment 1: Car Tinkerers
In a culture where we're constantly getting rid of the old for the new, Dan recollects a time when tinkerers coveted hand-me-down cars. Also, we get pumped for SEMA and compare travel notes.
Segment 2: Oil In His Blood
Growing up in a family business involved in the car industry has molded Austin Germain's hobbies. Austin fills us in on his '69 Camaro and other car projects.
Segment 3: Don't Add It Up
If it's a hobby, don't worry about how much money you are spending on it. We chat with Austin Germain about his decision to restore a '69 Camaro and how much money you can spend on your automotive project.
Segment 4: SEMA Coverage
There is so much to see at SEMA that you can't see it all! Austin Germain advises us to check websites like to see what we missed at SEMA, whether you went or not.
Segment 5: Be Cool
When your souped up '69 Camaro or other classic car is running hot, the problem might not be what you think. Austin Germain tells us how a Be Cool Classic Radiator Fan solved his heat problems.
Segment 6: Share The Passion
Next time a fledgling car buff comes up to you and asks about your precious show car, don't be rude. Dan reminds us to take the younger generations under our wing to keep the car hobby alive.

Chat About Preparing for SEMA | FULL SHOW | #133

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