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Products We Know And Love | FULL SHOW | #158

March 8, 201742 min
This week we're all about the upgrades! Rick Love from Vintage Air has everything for your air conditioning needs, and Rusty Bell from has just about everything else! Let's see what we can learn from these two. | Download Full Episode #158

Segment 1: Must See Movies | Download Segment 1

Right off the bat, Boots and Ryan begin arguing over which movies are a must see, how Ryan spends his free time, and what you call something that doesn't make sense (hint: the answer is not "your life"). Then, we get ready to meet our guests, Rick Love from Vintage Air and Rusty Bell from

Segment 2: Vintage Air | Download Segment 2

Executive Vice President Rick Love of Vintage Air joins to tell us about how the company is making cruising 'cool' (pun intended). They've been installing air conditioning in hot rods of all makes and models for 40 years now! Let's hear more from Rick.

Segment 3: Making Cruising Cool | Download Segment 3

Not only can Vintage Air work with just about any car, they also have over 1,000 dealers! Executive Vice President Rick Love explains exactly how the air conditioning inside a car works.

Segment 4: The Rusty Bell | Download Segment 4

We've talked with Rusty Bell from (@JEGSPerformance)in the past, but we've never heard about his background! Boots spends a segment getting to know the man behind the Email Marketing Manager.

Segment 5: Out With The Old | Download Segment 5

Jegs's latest catalogue looked smaller than others to Boots; what's up with that? Turns out JEGS (@JEGSPerformance)is testing out new marketing strategies, including narrowing down what they think are the best parts and focusing advertisements on those. Of course, they always leave room for new products! Rusty Bell tells us about some new additions.

Segment 6: In With The New | Download Segment 6

Rusty Bell has been with JEGS (@JEGSPerformance)for 30 years now! In exchange for his years of service, he was given a pretty amazing gift. If you want to know what it is, you'll have to take a listen!

Chat About Products We Know And Love | FULL SHOW | #158

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