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Spoilers and Car Swaps | FULL SHOW | #131

October 23, 201543 min
Most people don't know it, but the Midwest is the best place for car collectors. Jim Wirth of Springfield Swap Meet and Car Show explains. Then, learn about Auto Motion Design and Fabrication's new products, and their SEMA display.
Segment 1: SEMA World
Ryan Baker is getting pumped up for SEMA, because he actually gets to go now! Dan warns him about the wild, craziness of the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show: "It's like going to Disney World when a new ride comes out."
Segment 2: Best Place for Cars
The central midwest is the bread basket of car collecting. Springfield Swap Meet and Car Show's Jim Wirth sounds off on the advantages of buying and selling collector cars in the Midwest.
Segment 3: Modern Classics
One mans new car is another mans classic. Jim Wirth puts the car hobby in perspective: It's not going anywhere, the cars that are considered classic will just change.
Segment 4: Spoiler Alert
Chris "Tank" Turner and Ron Leibrock of Auto Motion Design and Fabrication have created a light, super aerodynamic spoiler, and will be taking it to SEMA. Chris and Ron give us a rundown of their new product and other equipment they will be showing off at SEMA.
Segment 5: Auto Motion Design
Cool Corvettes, Hemi cars, and more, Auto Motion Design and Fabrication are crankin' out some sweet restorations. "Tank" and Ron fill us in on some of their current projects.
Segment 6: Colo's Wrap-up
From a Dodge Laser to the Batmobile, Colo's Classic Car show had quite the variety of cars. Dan gives us the wrap up.

Chat About Spoilers and Car Swaps | FULL SHOW | #131

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