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Street Rod at SEMA 2015 | FULL SHOW | #134

November 13, 201542 min
It's SEMA 2015 time baby! Ryan Baker is out of the fishbowl and Dan scores some great interviews with some industry leaders and pioneers this week on Street Rod and Custom Radio.
Segment 1: Booth Selection Blues
Securing a booth for SEMA can be madness and every year is a new fight for the prime spots. Lingenfelter's Mike Copeland talks about the frustration and majesty of SEMA.
Segment 2: Flat-Jack Air Pillows
Keep your show car safe over the winter and avoid the various problems that come with keeping it on jacks stands. US Division President, Rick Payton, tells us how he discovered Flat-Jack and their air pillow jacks, and explains how they cradle the car, giving it room to flex.
Segment 3: No More Flat Spots
Never get a flat spot on your tires again! Flat-Jack US President, Rick Payton, discusses the ease of use and benefits of the Flat-Jack.
Segment 4: Classic Car Connoisseur
Chesta Co. Inc. Owner, Jeff Berman, is a man of exotic car tastes. Jeff fills us in on his collection of 40 cars, including a very interesting Nanchang motorcycle and a passion for Studebakers.
Segment 5: Beware: Shady Rod Shops
Beware rod shops with many unfinished projects! Dan Longenette and Chesta Co. Inc. Owner, Jeff Berman, give us the classic signs of a shop that won't finish your project in a timely manner. Then, Jeff shares his history as a car guy.
Segment 6: SEMA Pressure
Dale Turner and Ron Leibrock of Auto Motion Design are feeling the pressure and getting some praise at SEMA 2015! Dale and Ron fill us in on some of the unique cars they have on display at SEMA and the emotions they are feeling as people stop to check out their displays!

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