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Upholstery and Security | FULL SHOW | #137

December 14, 201542 min
Don't let your upholstery fade out, wither, and die! Find out how Danny Jones and D&F Upholstery can save your show car from a mediocre interior. Also, keep your garage, house, or anything else you can think of safe with Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems.
Segment 1: Cars and Church
It doesn't matter if you're a Ford, GM, or MOPAR guy, at the end of the day, we all just love cars! Dan reminds us that there are only two things that bring people together anymore: Cars and Church.
Segment 2: Upholstery Trends
Interior trends have gone through many changes and radically different ups and downs through the years. D&F Upholstery's Danny Jones has been doing upholstery since the 60s, and leads us on a tour through the decades.
Segment 3: Interior Advice
If you're looking to get the interior of your classic car replaced, you need look no further! D&F Upholstery's Danny Jones gives great advice on what not to do and what is possible to fix on your project car.
Segment 4: Tattletale
Keeping our prized cars safe is a big concern for some of us; well, for those of us that don't have a Tattletale Portable Alarm System that is. CEO & Inventor, Brian Hess, explains the features of the Tattletale that keep your garage extra-safe from burglary.
Segment 5: Next Level Protection
The Tattletale Portable Alarm System isn't just for your garage. Brian Hess describes the protection it can provide against home invasions and other dangers.
Segment 6: American Pride
A Tattletale security system has never been defeated in 18 years! Find out why Brian Hess is committed to remaining American made, and how he plans to create a new level of safety on school grounds across America.

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