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10/29 Kate Scanlon ,Roseann Salanitri, Dan Cadman

October 29, 201515 min
Talkback Thursday 29 Oct 2015  Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST Kate Scanlon is a news reporter for The Daily Signal and graduate of The Heritage Foundation's Young Leaders Program." Discussing her article: Report: Gov. Tom Wolf Received ‘Talking Points’ From Planned Parenthood Lobbyist on Undercover Videos" ( Roseann Salanitri  Co-founded Conservative News and Views, a conservative online newspaper, with Dr. Terry Hurlbut, an Examiner journalist. Perhaps one of the most significant efforts RoseAnn can be credited with is that she is Founder of a Christian high school now up and running in Sussex County, New Jersey. She has also served as Chairwoman of the Sussex County Christian Women’s Club and along with the Rev. Dr. Gloria Harris co-hosted a local tv/radio show entitled “Truth or Consequences”. She also co-hosted R&R, a radio show with former state senator, Richard LaRossa. Roseann is a  frequent contributor to the Mychal Massie's The Daily Rant." From the  Daily Rant: Dear Mrs. Clinton: " ( ( ( Dan Cadman  Senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies . Dan  is a retired INS / ICE official with over thirty years of government experience.Mr. Cadman served as a senior supervisor and manager at headquarters, as well as at field offices both domestically and abroad. His knowledge and experience encompass, among other things, criminal aliens, employer sanctions, and national security and terrorism matters. "The latest from his blog including: Will of the People? Common Sense? No Thanks, We're Congress"  ( replay of shows can be found at Catch the daily replay’s:(PDST) at 8 PM on CRN 4 ,and at Midnight on CRN 1 Live Feed via phone now available at 1 605 477 4251 My email is CHUCKWILDERSHOW@AOL.COM

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