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TNT 1631: Goggle to Mouth

October 31, 201647 min
Giphy aims to be the YouTube of GIFs and closed a new $72 million funding to help it get there. Google discovered a Windows 10 vulnerability and went public with it after giving Microsoft ten days to patch. A new study shows how ethnic-sounding names were twice as likely to experience delays and cancelled rides with ride-hailing services. CodeFights is a company that gamifies the job-hunting experience for qualified coders to help tackle unconscious bias. Counterfeit CDs are being sold on Amazon in large numbers and being passed off as the real deal. Uber envisions a future where flying cars are no longer science fiction. Some of the best Halloween tricks are demystified with science. Finally, bacon+virtual reality is a match made in marketing heaven. Alex Davies from Wired shows what on-demand aviation might look like in ten years time.Rhett Allain shows how haunted houses pull off some of their tricks with science.
Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell
Guests: Alex Davies and Rhett Allain
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