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TNT 1638: The Day the Data Died

November 9, 201648 min
VoteCastr failed in helping to redefine how early polling predictions are executed. Twitter loses COO Adam Bain as it seeks to restructure the company and make it more profitable. The Android Compatibility Definition Papers for Android Nougat hint strongly that OEMs should adhere closely to the USB-C spec for fast charging. A new test version of Windows 10 will include a virtual trackpad for tablet users. Sony's PlayStation Vue over-the-top streaming service loses its partnership with Viacom, and by extension, a fifth of the networks featured on the service. Google’s DeepMind is learning to master the game of StarCraft 2. Google’s Map Maker tool is moving into the official Google Maps app early next year. MyVR aims to be your room for social interactions inside virtual reality. Finally, robots are really good at the Rubik's Cube.John Gonzalez, co-founder of MyWebRoom, discusses the opportunity for developers to create new experiences for VR as the platform develops in its early stages.
Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell
Guest: John Gonzalez
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