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TNT 1688: Hold The Phone!

January 20, 201753 min
Meitu, the Chinese selfie app that asks for an insane amount of permissions, issued a statement to CNET saying that China requires them to implement alternative tracking methods for user identification purposes. Meitu developers insist that they are not selling that data to anyone.Samsung appears to be ready to share its Note 7 findings during a press conference this Sunday evening, but a report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that the cause is related to "irregularly sized" batteries as well as manufacturing inconsistencies.A report out of Norway says that Tidal has over-reported its numbers repeatedly, including in a March 2016 press release, when TIDAL claimed to have 3 million subscribers, not including trial members. Internally, it reported having around 1.2 million subscribers, yet only made payments to labels for 850,000 subscribers.Qualcomm is having a bad week. Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit claiming that Qualcomm has charge royalties "for technologies they have nothing to do with." And earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission also filed a suit against Qualcomm over exclusionary tactics in how it licenses its patents.Amazon is doubling down on the Dash, its push-button system for quick one-tap purchasing of products from the e-commerce site by showing virtual versions of those buttons on the Amazon homepage. The buttons will be customized based on user's buying activity.
Hosts: Jason Howell and Sam Machkovech
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