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TNT 1737: Sexier Lemurs

March 31, 201749 min
"Reuters reports that Comcast and AT&T claim that despite the house and senate's votes against broadband privacy rules, they will not sell customers' individual internet browsing information. Of course, Comcast doesn't have to sell your data to other ad networks because they have their own network.Twitter is doing away with the egg avatar and replacing it with a rather dull silhouetted head. But that dullness has a purpose: To actually motivate Twitter users to realize that they should replace it with something else.Back in October, an 18-year-old exploited the Javascript flaw to remotely control iPhones and make them call 911, creating a DDOS attack of sorts that would prevent real emergency calls from coming thru. That flaw has been patched, so update your iPhones.Plus, the RIAA says 2016 was a great year from streaming, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Face scan security is easy to trick, a real life Iron Man flying suit, and Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica tells us whether we should all rush out for Ghost in the Shell, or stay in and watch Planet Earth II."
Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell
Guest: Sam Machkovech
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