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TNT 1742: Would I LIE-DAR to You?

April 7, 201746 min
Homeland Security has withdrawn its request for Twitter to reveal the identity of an account that frequently tweets criticism about the Trump administration. As a result, Twitter has dropped their suit against the DHS for the request that violated federal law and the right to free speech.The US Department of Labor says it has evidence that shows how Google is violating federal laws as relates to compensating its female workforce. The DoL testified in court saying it found "systemic disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce."Google says it will soon add fact checking to its worldwide results. It won't label items as fake news, but will notify readers if an article has been officially fact-checked.Plus, we'll talk about Samsung's record profits, the fight between Google and Uber, and Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica is here to tell us what to expect from Microsoft Scorpio.
Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell
Guest: Sam Machkovech
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