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TNT 1746: Hell Breaks Loose at Uber

April 13, 201734 min
According to the Information, Uber used secret software to track Lyft drivers' location and to determine what drivers were working for both Uber and Lyft in order to give them bonuses and to convince them to work only for Uber.T-Mobile scored big in the 600 MHz spectrum auction, paying $7.99 billion for 45 percent of the available spectrum being sold. That bulk of spectrum will quadruple T-Mobile's low-band coverage, strengthening its signal inside dense buildings, as well as providing better coverage in rural areas.Elon Musk says you'll get to take a look at new zero-emissions electric semi-truck in September and then electric pick-up truck 18-24 months later. Musk made these announcements on Twitter where he also said Tesla's next generation roadster will be convertible.Plus, Nintendo gets rid of a good thing, what the future has in store for iTunes, learning to drive on YouTube, and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman talks all about his new Gadgets with Gurman show.
Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell
Guest: Mark Gurman
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