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15 Year's For Sex On The Beach 5/26/15

May 26, 201569 min
Tune in Live to The Weekly Rundown for the week of Tuesday May 26th. This week we talk about a Mother humiliating her 13 year old daughter over Social Media sexy photo's. Daughter was caught taking photo's for older men in her Bra & Panties until the mother discovered the photo's then putting the daughter on blast. What would you do if you caught your child doing this?

It's a beautiful Summer day & you decide to hit the beach with your loving family when you arrive to see a couple having sex on the beach. Last year a Boyton Beach, Florida couple was caught having sex by a underage witness last July 2014. It's being stated that the couple could face a maximum sentence of 15 year's if convicted. We will talk about this & so much more Live!!!

We talk about racism & how it's affecting many of us today. Is it fair to pass judgement on those who are innocent?

The Professor would like to Know if you listener's really believe there is still such a thing called "The American Dream" I

Chat About 15 Year's For Sex On The Beach 5/26/15

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