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Dangers Of Isis... End Of The World

March 10, 2015125 min
Tune in Live into The Weekly Rundown as we talk about the "QUESTION OF THE WEEK"...Do you think our U.S Government is telling us the truth about some of the dangers of what's to come? Some are saying that there are plans for a "Big Event" to take place soon where many will lose their lives. Many people speculate that we are not paying close attention to the small details flying over us daily, shipments on the road & over seas. Some call it the beginning to the "end of the world".
Also, America has been under attack for decades...wars being won & wars being lossed. Isis is affecting America.... many are scared of what could happen in the coming months. Isis is sacrificing innocent people everyday. The American boarders are unprotected which could lead to many American's losing their lives. What does this mean for all of us? Share your thoughts.

We talk about Bike Week & Spring Break right here in Central Florida...this plus so much more Live starting at 7pm EST.


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