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#028: Burst Training: The Best Workout for Busy People [Podcast]

January 5, 201421 min
Need a little more time for a great workout? In today's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I reveal how you can get a stellar workout in only a few explosive minutes each day.Photo Credit: Zach Dischner via Compfight ccI discovered burst training a few years ago from Dr. Josh Axe, a chiropractor here in Nashville, who is a huge advocate of getting the most from every workout. Burst training does just that.
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This week's tip is how to optimize your energy every day with three effective strategies:Start the day drinking 1 liter of water
Read something inspirational and think creatively
Give yourself a good project with not quite enough timeHow to Overcome the Dreaded Afternoon Slump [blog post by Jeff Sanders]
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In this episode, I discuss . . .Why I chose burst training as my primary exercise program while recovering from a running injury.
The simple exercises that combine to form a great burst training session.
How to do a session of burst training just about anywhere.
Why explosive exercise is likely the best kind for optimal health.
What equipment you need to optimize your exercise routine.
How you can reduce your weekly workouts to a very short time period.
Other easy exercises you can add to your workout to make it comprehensive and highly effective.Resources Mentioned in the ShowWhat is Burst Training? [blog post by Dr. Josh Axe]
Burst Training Video [hosted with Dr. Josh Axe]
The Dr. Axe Show Podcast [hosted by Dr. Josh Axe]
BurstFIT [Burst Training Program by Dr. Josh Axe]
Total Body Reinvention [blog post by Jeff Sanders]AnnouncementsFirst, If you have not yet joined The 5 am Club, you can easily do so today for free. When you join the club you will get a free copy of The 5 AM Miracle eBook, which shows you exactly how to wake up each morning with vigor and make enormous progress on your biggest goals. To join The 5 AM Club AND jump-start your morning, visit
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