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#029: Kick Ass Parenting: An Interview with Michael Mataluni [Podcast]

January 12, 201452 min
Are you a busy parent desperately in need of a better way to get through the day? In today's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I interview Michael Mataluni, host of the Kick Ass Dad Podcast.

Photo Credit: Michael Mataluni

Michael is an amazingly energetic parent who offers incredible advice in today's interview. He loves personal development as much as I do and he applies many life lessons to his role as a father and husband.

If you are a parent who would love a few tips on how to make life a little easier, tune in for a great show!
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Tip of the Week
For this week's tip I share why my podcast was horribly glitchy over the holidays and how it has everything to do with a lack of integrity and communication on the part of a company I trusted.

Holding Yourself to High Standards [blog post by Jeff Sanders]

Featured Content
In this episode, I interview Michael Mataluni and we discuss . . . 

What inspired Michael to start his own podcast about parenting.
What some of Michael's best strategies are for balancing home life with personal goals.
How Michael found his passion for parenting.
How Michael manages his time and activities with three kids at home.
Why Michael meditates daily and how it helps him focus and find clarity.
What the 3 distinct phases of parenting are and how you can benefit from knowing which phase you are in.
How Michael implements family meetings to maintain sanity and keep everyone on board.

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Kick Ass Dad Podcast [hosted by Michael Mataluni]
Kick Ass Dad Blog and Website [from Michael Mataluni]
The Greatness Zone Coaching Program [from Michael Mataluni]
Steven Covey's Big Rock Story [watch on YouTube]
Deep Energy 2.0 Podcast [hosted by Jim Butler]
Family Table Time [board game]
Neuro-linguistic Programming Video [hosted by Tony Robbins]
The Kick Ass Life Podcast [hosted by David Wood]


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