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#033: Listener Q&A: Bananas, Books, and Being Productive Without Sleep [Podcast]

February 9, 201429 min
I cover many topics on my blog and podcast. In today's episode of The 5 AM Miracle I respond to some stellar questions, spanning many areas of interest, that have come directly from podcast listeners.

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From eating 30 bananas a day to trying to stay productive while working overnight without any sleep, I attempt to shine a little light on some tough topics.
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Tip of the Week
For this week's tip I answer a listener question. Tyler from St. Louis asks, "What books would you recommend to supplement your podcast?"

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks by August Turak

Featured Content
In this episode, I answer great listener questions:

Tan from Boston asks, "Omega Slow juicer or Vitamix blender? What's the difference and which would you recommend?"
Diana from Minnesota asks, "How can I be more productive while working night shifts as a nurse?"
Kendall from Chattanooga asks, "How many bananas a day do you eat? If you're not burning the carbs, is it still healthy to eat a lot of bananas?"
Sarah from Nashville asks, "What do you think about Naked juices? Is there too much sugar?"
Corey from Oklahoma asks, "Do you have any tips for keeping high energy and mental focus even when not getting enough rest?"
Jeffrey from Philadelphia asks, "What is the best habit for energy in the morning?"
Jeffrey asks another great question, "How do you make money with your podcast and website?"

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Omega Slow Juicer [a really great slow juicer]
Vitamix Blender [my recommended blender]
Breakfast of Champions [episode #17 about smoothies]
Nozbe [my recommended task manager]
How to Eat 30 Bananas a Day [blog post]
12 Astounding Reasons to Eat More Bananas Every Single Day Podcast [episode #30]
Cuisinart Duet Blender [great starter blender that won't break easily]
The Necessity and Benefits of Sleep [blog post]
Life Without Bacon [my book about going vegan]
Graduated and Clueless [my book about living with passion]
The 5 AM Blueprint [personal productivity analysis]
Ambitious Coaching [my productivity coaching program]
Tribe Writers [eCourse by Jeff Goins]
Platform University [eCourse by Michael Hyatt]


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