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#034: Are You Living or Existing? An Interview with Kimanzi Constable [Podcast]

February 16, 201432 min
Are you living or existing? This week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle features my interview with Kimanzi Constable, author of the popular book, Are You Living or Existing?.

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Kimanzi was recently featured as a guest blogger where he wrote about his amazing journey to lose an incredible amount of weight and run his first marathon.

In today's interview we talk about how Kimanzi has overcome major challenges with his personal health, as well as in his business.
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Tip of the Week
For this week's tip I answer a listener question. Nicole from Connecticut asks, "How can I tell my friends to stop watching so much TV? Don't they know that's how I get so much done?"

A Provocative and Intelligent Approach to Watching TV [blog post]

Featured Content
In this episode, I interview Kimanzi Constable and we discuss a wide variety of important topics:

How Kimanzi built a six-figure bread delivery business at age 19.
What inspired Kimanzi to write his book, Are You Living or Existing?
What the top 3 strategies are for living instead of existing.
How Kimanzi is moving his family from Wisconsin to Hawaii in a few weeks.
Why we should take action now instead of waiting for our big goals.
How Kimanzi went from 370 pounds to marathon runner in 4 months!
What has made the biggest impact in Kimanzi's life in the last 3 years.

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