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#036: YOGAmazing: An Interview with Chaz Rough [Podcast]

March 2, 201451 min
How flexible do you feel today? This week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with Chaz Rough, founder of the popular video podcast, YOGAmazing.

Photo Credit: Chaz Rough

I have been watching Chaz's video podcast for over 6 years and he is THE reason I practice yoga regularly.

I LOVE his podcast and I'm sure you will find him as approachable and funny as I do. Oh, and his podcast has over 440 video episodes!
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Tip of the Week
For this week's tip I discuss how much I love Swiftkey, an iPhone app that integrates with Evernote and makes note taking on the fly so much easier!

Featured Content
In this week's episode, I interview Chaz from the YOGAmazing podcast and we discuss:

What famous singer inspired Chaz to begin his yoga practice.
The enormous benefits of daily yoga.
Why Chaz started his famous video podcast, YOGAmazing.
What the most challenging aspect of yoga is for Chaz.
Chaz's favorite yoga pose.
How Chaz uses high intensity training in his yoga practice.
How you can get started with yoga in 3 easy steps.

Resources Mentioned in the Show

YOGAmazing Podcast [hosted by Chaz] [the home base] [a video program hosted by Chaz]
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga [classical Indian yoga]
Tabata Yoga Video [similar to Burst Training]
Hii Yoga [high intensity interval yoga]
Hatha Yoga [physical exercises and breathing control]
YOGAmazing 24/7 [non-stop streaming of YOGAmazing videos]
Downward-Facing Dog [Chaz's favorite yoga pose]
Crow Pose [a more challenging yoga pose]
Standing Forward Fold [another of Chaz's favorites]
Cobra Pose [one more favorite]
Coconut Oil [a healthy oil that Chaz loves]
99Designs [the logo design company I used]


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