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#038: The Weekly Review Checklist: Never Forget Anything Again [Podcast]

March 16, 201430 min
Is your calendar in need of a reinvention and a detox? In this week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss the weekly review checklist. This is THE strategy I use to schedule what matters, cut what doesn't, and never forget anything again.

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A formal weekly review is a simple process that can save you hours of unnecessary work every week. It's not hard and it's incredibly effective.
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Tip of the Week
This week's tip is how to reinvent your lunch box with reusable grocery bags.

Reinvent Your Lunch Box [blog post]

Featured Content
In this week's episode, I discuss the power of a weekly review checklist:

5 incredible benefits of a formal weekly review.
My recommended task manager, Nozbe.
A sneak peak into my daily rituals for optimal productivity.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Getting Things Done [book by David Allen]
Nozbe: My Favorite Task Manager [blog post]
The Sacred Weekly Review [blog post]
Superstar Daily Rituals [blog post]


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