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#068: Holistically Hot: An Interview with Marissa Vicario [Podcast]

October 12, 201431 min
What does it take to look good, feel good, and have more energy? This week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with Marissa Vicario, a health coach who wants to help you become holistically hot.

Photo Credit: Marissa Vicario

Marissa is a health coach in New York City who knows what it's like to eat junk food and rely on the microwave for every meal.

In this episode, I talk to Marissa about her approach to eating real foods, what it means to be holistically hot, and why accountability matters when it comes to your health.
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Resources Mentioned in the Show

Use Siri to email a task to Nozbe or Evernote [my blog post]
Marissa Vicario [website]
How to Be Holistically Hot [free ebook]
Where I Need to Be [Marissa's blog]
@MarissaVicario [Marissa on Twitter]
Eat your coffee with the CoffeeBar Kickstarter [from]

Action Steps

If you don't already, begin drinking pure water or a cleansing beverage first thing every morning.

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