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Announcing My New Book Deal!

April 12, 20172 min
Big news! I am thrilled to announce that I have just signed my second book deal!
It's been just over a year since the launch of my first published book, The 5 AM Miracle, and now I am officially working on the next one.
The publisher for this next book is Wiley and the tentative titled is The Time Management Miracle.
I fully expect this title to change, so don't get too attached just yet.

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The Time Management Miracle
The concept for this book is productivity at the office. While The 5 AM Miracle focuses primarily on personal productivity at home in the mornings and evenings, this new book will zero in on workplace effectiveness.
I am only in the very beginning stages of outlining and brainstorming the big ideas, but you can expect a practical, action-packed book — just like the rest of my content.
Launch Date + Updates
There is no definitive date set just yet for the launch of this new book, though I will certainly be posting plenty of updates in the coming months.
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Where You Come In
This new book will be designed for high achievers at work, and I will need your input as everything comes together.
Be on the lookout for surveys, polls, questionnaires, and Facebook posts designed to pick your brain and collect your best ideas.
Thank You!
This book would not be possible if it wasn't for the thousands of readers across the globe who have picked up a copy of The 5 AM Miracle, as well as the tens of thousands of listeners who tune in each week to The 5 AM Miracle Podcast.
I can't thank you enough!

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