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Productivity Music with Will Henshall, Founder of Focus@Will [Podcast #121]

October 18, 201539 min
What kind of music works best for you while you are working? This week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features and interview with Will Henshall, founder and CEO of Focus@Will.

Tune in as I pick Will’s brain, as he shares how to enhance your work with productivity music based on neuroscience. I personally use Focus@Will for multiple hours every day (which I have done for over 2 years now), and it's a thrill to talk to the creator of this amazing productivity solution.

Photo Credit: Will Henshall

The 5 AM Miracle Podcast: Episode #121
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Resources Mentioned in the Show

* Focus at Will: Improve Your Productivity with Music for the Brain [my article discussing Focus@Will]
* Focus@W

Chat About Productivity Music with Will Henshall, Founder of Focus@Will [Podcast #121]

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