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Do I Remember That? – tRN174

April 3, 201444 min
We remember some weird old Christian video games, laugh at mashed up bad grammar, and we won't to know whether you're too frozen to someone's boyfriend. Are you lonely and chewing furniture? Then you need to join ChewBoast! The new social network from the makers of Plurk connects you with other furniture-chewers from around the globe. Categorize your friends according to favorite furniture, upholstery upchuck, or compare notes on the best furniture tastings in your area. Visit ChewBoast and join a new world of friends under your sofa cushions, Shownotes at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Daniel: Jeremy: SEND US FUNNY STUFF Email Call (903) 231-2221 Send a voice message at MAILING ADDRESS the Ramen Noodle PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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