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Struggling with Emoticons – tRN160

October 10, 201338 min
We have a party pooper among us, so we're not sure whether we should be :) or :(. There may be a Bieber in here, too. Brought to you by the only toy doll teen girls will ever need: Bieber Barber Barbie. Mattel's new Bieber Barber Barbie lets obnoxiously obsessed teen girls brush Bieber's beautiful brunette locks and pretend he is their own. But wait, there's more! Upgrade to Bieber Barber Barbie Bonus to receive an actual piece of Bieber's blessed bristle, the missing ingredient for your Bieber Breeding Chemistry Set (sold separately) so you can grow your own Bieber and beyond! Shownotes at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Daniel: Jeremy: Jenny: SEND US FUNNY STUFF Email Call (903) 231-2221 Send a voice message at MAILING ADDRESS the Ramen Noodle PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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