The Adventures of Pipeman

The Promiscuous Puppeteer by Walt Biondi

June 16, 201527 min
Walter Biondi guests on The Adventures of Pipeman on W4CY Radio ( of Talk 4 Media (

This is the incredible, and previously unknown, story about a one time destitute, homeless, street kid, and petty thief, one who became a self made financial and career success. . . " I was in and out of jails, facing starvation, illness, violent beatings, robbery, and hypothermia. I had become a total failure who was on the brink of human existence. I had nothing, and no more left, to loose except life itself. My life seemed limited to an early demise, rock bottom poverty or a prison. In time, after having been arrested again, and after hitting rock bottom, I fought my own self imposed destruction and resolved to climb my way up and out of life threatening wretchedness and poverty. In time, I created a new life for myself and became a storied and unimaginable success.

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