Mother's Day Show 2013-Tiger Woods,...

May 13, 201333 min
Today's show was broadcast on Mother's day. By the time this broadcast is posted, Mother's Day would have past, but we reach out to show thanks to Mothers All Year Round. Without you mothers, Staceysports would not have John J. and Stats here to produce this great show.

On today’s show, the Boys at Table Five talk about Tiger Woods performance at The Player’s Championship. He overcame a double bogey to win.

Sergio rips Tiger Woods by saying "He's not my favorite guy to play with. He's not the nicest guy on tour.'' Wow!!!!. Would the sport be interesting if it got heated. LOL Who knows the sports made it. For more about Sergio’s comment check out.

PLEASE DON'T EXPECT AN EXPERT GOLF ANALYIS, but they at least try. You gotta listen to check it out.

The host close out the show by talking about Basketball and Derrick Rose

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