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Ari Graynor of CBS' "Bad Teacher"

May 7, 201414 min
Ari Graynor stars in the new CBS sitcom, "Bad Teacher." While the show is loosely based off of the movie by the same name, it takes on a whole new entity in itself. Along with Graynor, rounding out the cast in the series are Sara Gilbert, Ryan Hansen, Kristin Davis, and David Alan Grier. Graynor plays the role of Meredith Davis, your not-so-typical gold-digging 'ho who just got kicked to the curb by her husband, left with nothing after the divorce, and scammed her way into teaching to meet the students' rich fathers. In spite of that, deep down, she has a heart. Graynor spoke about what makes Meredith so unique:

"It's funny, because Meredith doesn't want to be seen as a good person. However, she can't help it because she is an underdog herself. The show starts off with Meredith being dumped, cheated on, and left with nothing. Instead of sitting on the couch and being a victim, she pulls herself up and goes after what she wants. It's so freeing to play someone who doesn't care what she

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