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September 20, 201315 min
Our 500th podcast gets underway this week, and what better way to celebrate than by having one of our favorites stop by the show! Gabriel Mann, Nolan Ross of ABC’s “Revenge,” came by for a quick chat to promote the latest episodes for the remainder of the season. Just how is Nolan going to get through after losing his recent love interest?

“As I have teased before, and will continue to tease again, nothing is ever quite as it seems in the Hamptons in the world of ‘Revenge.’ Whenever you think you lost somebody, there is always the potential to flash back and who knows what else. As strange as this sounds, I do not think, in fact can guarantee, we have not heard the last of Padma yet. Her story is not yet finished…in a really big way.”

The two hour season finale is set to air on Sunday, May 12th. As word progressed on the Internets that this finale could possibly be Nolan-centric, Gabe gave us even more to tease with in the intended episode:

“I will take it one step forward past that. It is very every character-centric finale. As major as each of the bombshells that get dropped, I don’t think there will be anybody left standing that hasn’t been hit by some kind of bullet. Maybe literally, maybe figuratively, maybe I am just teasing you again. That’s the beauty of this show. The writers could have left it with one of the reveals they are about to reveal, but they never stop there. What happens with Nolan is major, but no one is getting unscathed.”


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